The Department of ENT Head & Neck Surgery as a part of the Institute of Medicine has its prime goal of Training of different levels of human resources in its field. It has been and aims to further improve in providing quality training to MBBS, BASLP, MS, nursing staffs and the community health workers. Its second goal is to provide ENT Head and Neck care to the needy people. We provide from basic ENT care to highly specialized services through subspecialities in the subject from OPD, ward and operation theatre. The third goal of Institute of Medicine – research is lagging behind as in other other department though we intend to promote usually hospital based clinical studies as much as possible. The  thesis of MS residents and different audit in the department are positive aspect on research.

In near future the department is thinking of carrying out National Survey on Prevalence of Deafness and Ear Diseases in Nepal. MCh/ Fellowship programme in subspecialities in ENT Head & Neck Surgery is going to be introduced shortly.

All these activities will summate to reach the ultimate goal of achieving Centre of Excellence in ENT Head & Neck Surgery not only in Nepal but also in Southeast Asia.