ENT Services



General OPD

Room No. 10 – 15


Room No 6, 16 – 19





Special Clinics

Room No. 6

Paying Clinic


Unit IV

Unit I – Prof. Hari Bhattarai  (R. No. 13) Unit I – Prof. Rakesh P. Shrivastav (R.No. 6)- Dr. Pabina Rayamajhi (R. No. 18) 

Unit I

Unit II

Voice Clinic

Prof. Hari BhattaraiDr. Rabindra PradhanangaDr. Pallavi


Unit III

Unit IV – Dr. Narmaya Thapa  (R.No. 13) Unit IV – Prof. Bibhu Pradhan (R.No.6


Unit IV

 Rhinology and

Allergy Clinic

Prof . Dharma K. BaskotaDr. Kunjan Acharya


Unit I

Unit II – Prof. Bimal K. Sinha (R.No. 15)Unit III – Prof.Rajendra Guragain (R.No. 13) Unit II – Prof. Dharma K. Baskota  (R.No. 6) Unit III – Prof. Chop Lal Bhusal(R.No. 18)                      

Unit II

Unit III

Paediatric Clinic

Prof. Chop Lal BhusalDr. Heempali Dutta


Unit IV Unit I – Prof .Rakesh P. Shrivastav (R.No. 13)Unit IV – Prof. Bibhu Pradhan (R.No. 15)                Unit I – Prof. Hari Bhattarai  (R. No. 6)

Unit IV

Unit I

Ear and Vertigo Clinic

Dr. Narmaya ThapaDr. Urmila Gurung


Unit II

Unit III – Prof. Chop Lal Bhusal (R.No. 13) Unit III – Prof. Rajendra Guragain (R.No. 6)

Unit III

Unit II

Head and Neck Clinic

Morning:Prof. Bimal SinhaAfternoon:Prof. Bibhu PradhanDr. Pabina Rayamajhi


Unit III

Unit II – Prof. Dharma K. Baskota (R.No. 13) Unit IV – Dr. Narmaya Thapa (R.No. 18)Unit II – Prof. Bimal K. Sinha (R.No. 6)


Grand Rounds

(Teaching Programme)

Prof. Rajendra GuragainDr. Yogesh Neupane

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