2nd Pediatric ENT Basic Course

2nd Pediatric ENT Basic Course

20th September 2014 (3rd Asoj 2071)

Department of ENT-Head and Neck Surgery

Ganesh Man Singh Memorial Academy of ENT Head and Neck Studies

TU Teaching Hospital


Dear Colleagues,
The Department of ENT Head & Neck Surgery, TU Teaching Hospital invites you to 2nd Paediatric ENT Basic Course to be held on 20th September 2014 at Ganesh Man Singh Bhawan, TU Teaching Hospital. As in the 1st course, this course is работа москва aimed at providing a general overview of common Paediatric ENT conditions that we encounter in our day to day practice.
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Targeting the young Otolaryngologists, Paediatricians and General Practiceners, the course will be a great platform for an interactive and stimulating discussion under the guidance of highly professional teachers/clinicians.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Conference Venue:

Ganesh Man Singh Bhawan, Seminar Hall
TU Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal

Time: 8am to 4pm

Course Director

Prof. Rajendra Guragain

Course Co-ordinator

Prof. Chop Lal Bhusal

Course Fee Rs. 1000/- Only

Panel discussion: Deaf child

Video Demonstration: History taking and examination of child, Tracheostomy care, Removal of foreign body from ear and nose, Chemical cautery and anterior nasal packing for epistaxis.

Lectures Topics:

Otalgia, Ear discharge, Hearing loss, Nose block, Snoring and Apnoea, Epistaxis, Sorethroat, Stridor and airway problem, Speech and Language problem, Foreign bodies in ENT, Neck lumps and congenital anomalies, Tracheostomy care, When to refer the cases.


Contact persons

Prof Rajendra Guragain- 9851120071

Prof Chop Lal Bhusal- 9851003317

Dr Heempali Dutta- 9841311358

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