ENT OPD Services

ENT OPD services:-
The Out Patient Services was started in the new Ganesh Man Singh building on the 4th of June 2008. Previously the OPD services were conducted from the old building of the teaching Hospital. This was a major improvement in order to provide ENT services to the patients from 3 rooms to 11 fully equipped rooms and a separate treatment room.
In every working day, services are being provided by ENT doctors in these 11 rooms and they are supported by 3 well trained nursing staffs and 10 attendants. Apart from the 11 consultation rooms the opd complex also provide services through the procedure room which serve from simple dressing to examination under microscope and flexible Nasopharyngolaryngoscopic examination.

Beside this the ENT OPD complex also comprises the record section, separate cash counter, library, ENT office and its own pharmacy. Speech and hearing unit is also giving services to the  patient from the same ENT complex. The ENT office is being run smoothly by Mr. Deepak KC since April, 2014

Following is the daily working schedule of ENT doctors.


General OPD ( New Patients)

9am – 1pm

Sub-specialty ( Old patients)

9am -1pm



Afternoon OPD



Special Clinics

Room No. 6

2pm -3pm

Paying Clinic

4pm -5pm


Unit I – Prof. Hari Bhattarai  (R. No. 13) Unit I – Prof. Rakesh P. Shrivastav (R.No. 6)- Dr. Pabina Rayamajhi (R. No. 18) 

Unit I

Unit II

Voice Clinic

Prof. Hari BhattaraiDr. Rabindra PradhanangaDr. Pallavi


Unit IV – Dr. Narmaya Thapa  (R.No. 13) Unit IV – Prof. Bibhu Pradhan (R.No.6


Unit IV

 Rhinology and

Allergy Clinic

Prof . Dharma K. BaskotaDr. Kunjan Acharya


Unit II – Prof. Bimal K. Sinha (R.No. 15)Unit III – Prof.Rajendra Guragain (R.No. 13) Unit II – Prof. Dharma K. Baskota  (R.No. 6) Unit III – Prof. Chop Lal Bhusal(R.No. 18)                      

Unit II

Unit III

Paediatric Clinic

Prof. Chop Lal BhusalDr. Heempali Dutta


Unit I – Prof .Rakesh P. Shrivastav (R.No. 13)Unit IV – Prof. Bibhu Pradhan (R.No. 15) Unit I – Prof. Hari Bhattarai  (R. No. 6)

Unit IV

Unit I

Ear and Vertigo Clinic

Dr. Narmaya ThapaDr. Urmila Gurung


Unit III – Prof. Chop Lal Bhusal (R.No. 13) Unit III – Prof. Rajendra Guragain (R.No. 6)

Unit III

Unit II

Head and Neck Clinic

Morning:Prof. Bimal SinhaAfternoon:Prof. Bibhu PradhanDr. Pabina Rayamajhi


Unit II – Prof. Dharma K. Baskota (R.No. 13) Unit IV – Dr. Narmaya Thapa (R.No. 18)Unit II – Prof. Bimal K. Sinha (R.No. 6)


Grand Rounds

(Teaching Programme)

Prof. Rajendra GuragainDr. Yogesh Neupane


Unit 1: Prof Rakesh Prasad Shrivastuv, Prof Hari Bhattarai, Associate Prof. Pabina Rayamaji, Dr Rabindra Pradhananga, Dr Heempali Dutta
Unit 2: Prof. Bimal K Sinha, Prof. Dharma Kanta Baskota, Dr Urmila Gurung
Unit 3: Prof Rajendra Prasad Guragain, Prof Chop Lal Bhusal, Dr Yogesh Neupane, Dr Pallavi Sinha
Unit 4: Prof. Bibhu Pradhan, Associate Prof. Dr Narmaya Thapa

Note: On National public holiday there will be no afternoon session(after 1 pm) and paying clinic will start at 1 pm.

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