Ear Surgery & Temporal Bone Dissection Course

 The anatomy of the Temporal Bone represents one of the most complicated areas in the human body. The vital structures, 3 dimension relationships involved and the fact that these structure are hidden within bony canals and a drill is needed to expose them, makes the understanding of the anatomy a difficult task. To add to the complexity a pathology involving the area generally leads to some degree of alteration of the anatomy. So to be perfectly familiar with the anatomy the best way is Temporal bone dissection.

Temporal bone course was started in 2003 by our department in association with IMPACT Nepal. Department of ENT-HNS  TU Teaching Hospital  feels proud to say that we have successfully conducted 20th Hands on Temporal Dissection workshop . It is conducted twice a year at the interval of every 6 month. 16th participants takes part in every course. Usually temporal bone dissection workshop is accompanied by middle ear surgical demonstration . looking  back after more than 10 years and 20 dissection courses we are proud to have various prominent figures in the field of otology and Neuro-otology from across the globe as our external faculties. Similarly we are thankful to  active participants from Nepal , India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria,

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