ENT Operation Theatre Service

ENT Operation Theater Services:

In our ENT department we have two simultaneously functioning Operation theater which runs 6 days in a week. Various kinds of surgeries are performed by different Subspecialized ENT surgeon as well as by ENT Residents (under supervision). Majority of the procedures are being performed under General Anesthesia and many ear and nasal surgeries are also done under Local Anesthesia. Following is the OT schedule of different ENT Sub- specialty  in the department.



Regular days:9 am – 5 pm

Public Holiday: 9am – 1 pm

Chief Operating Surgeons


         Sunday Unit IIIPaediatric ENT  Prof.Rajendra GuragainProf. Chop Lal Bhusal


Unit IOtology and Neurootology Prof .Rakesh P. Shrivastav Prof. Hari Bhattarai


Unit IVRhinology Surgery Prof. Bibhu Pradhan Dr. Narmaya Thapa


Unit IIHead and Neck Surgery Prof. Bimal K. SinhaProf. Dharma K. Baskota


Unit I – 2,3 & 4 Thursday according to Nepali CalenderUnit IV – 1 & 5 Thursday Unit I: Prof .Rakesh P. Shrivastav,Prof. Hari BhattaraiUnit IV: Prof. Bibhu Pradhan, Dr. Narmaya Thapa      


LA day for Priority cases As surgeon posted


ENT Ward Services:-

The Department of ENT-HN Studies has its own separate ENT ward inside the Building of Ganesh Man Singh Bhawan. This new ward was formally relocated from the old building of Teaching Hospital on 28th of Jestha 2070(June 11, 2013). At present 33 beds are functioning and providing services to admitted patients. Among the 33 beds there are 18 General beds, 8 four bed cabin, 6 double bed Cabin and 1 single bed cabin.

The patients admitted in the ENT ward are looked after by respective ENT doctors as well as by 12 well trained ENT nurses. Nurses have 8 hourly rotation duty caring patients round the clock. They are supported by 8 attendants in the ward.

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