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  • Dr Ankit Kandoi: comparison of taste disturbance following bipolar electrocautery and cold dissection tonsillectomy.
  • Dr Nabin Lageju: comparison of outcomes using microdebrider versus conventional instruments in management of sinonasal polyposis.
  • Dr Ashok Shreepaili: comparison of dexamethasone to bupivacaine infiltration in reducing early post operative pain after diathermy tonsillectomy in children.
  • Dr Sanjaya Koirala: comparison of graft uptake and hearing results between endoscopic and microscopic underlay myringoplasty.
  • Dr Abha Kiran KC : Comparison of outcomes of packing with BIPP or other materials in septoplasty
  • Dr Amiya Kumar Shah: Comparison of graft uptake and hearing result between butterfly cartilage myringoplasty  and conventional underlay Myringoplasty
  • Dr Prakash Khanal : Correlation of early postoperative infection and the use of no antibiotic, single dose of co-amoxiclav or one week amoxicillin in paediatricmyringoplasty : a randomized control trial.
  • Dr Yashashwi Man Anand : Taste disturbance following microlaryngoscopic surgery.
  • Dr  Aditya Singal:Comparison of operative time and post operative outcomes of thyroid surgery using ultrasonic cutting and coagulation device vs conventional diathermy dissection.
  • Dr Subash Bhatta : Hearing assessment following chemoradiotherapy in head and neck carcinoma.
  • Dr  Mukesh Kumar Sah: Comparison of intraoperative bleeding and post operative pain in ultrasonic device versus bipolar diathermy tonsillectomy in children.
  • Dr  Sushma Bhattachan: Comparison of outcome between intranasal corticosteroid spray and sublingual immunotherapy in patients with allergic rhinitis.
  • Dr Leison Maharjan: High-resolution computed tomography corelation with round window niche visibility via the facial recess during cochlear implant surgery in children.
  • Dr Nazeef Ibrahim:  Effect of tranexamic acid on peri and early postoperative bleeding in patients undergoing tonsillectomy.
  • Dr Deependra Kasaudhan: Comparative efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy versus oral montelukast in patients of allergic rhinitis.
  • Dr. Mahesh Pokhrel :Parathyroid identification and preservation as a predictor of hypocalcemic symptoms in total thyroidectomies.
  • Dr. Rajat Agarwal : Correlation of pre-operative temporal bone CT scan with intraoperative findings in Chronic Otitis Media -Squamous type
  • Dr. Santosh Basnet : Graft uptake and hearing status following transcanal endoscope assisted and microscope assisted underlay myringoplasty in children.