Hands on Head & Neck Dissection Course

The field of ENT Head and Neck Surgery is broadening day by day. So neck surgeries have become the domain of ENT surgeons, it is of utmost importance that the surgeons are well versed with the anatomy of neck and proper techniques of various  neck surgeries. What better method than cadaveric  dissection  could there be to achieve this goal ? by conducting such course we hope to enhance the results and cosmetic acceptability of these surgeries and also reduce the morbidity and mortality following them. But on the contrary Head & Neck dissection workshop are rare events conducted in very few places throughout the world.  To address this problem we have been regularly conducting Head and Neck Dissection workshop since 2010. Its 5th edition will be conducted on December 2014. We are thankful to our external faculties  Prof Suresh Sharma ( AIMS New Delhi) , Prof Suresh babu Velagapudi, DR C Amit ( AIMS New Delhi) and Prof  Rajiv Michael ( CMCH Vellore)  for making our courses successful . we are also thankful to participants from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sudan  who did actively participated in this course .