Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgey Course

FESS workshop had being conducted since 2008. In last 5 years there were total of five workshops conducted by the department of ENT Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. In every workshops  national and international delegates from different countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sudan and UAE participated. The workshop included Cadaveric dissection and live Surgical demonstration of  the varieties of nasal surgical procedures. The first workshop was conducted in 2008 and Dr GVS Rao from Hyderabad  was external faculty. After 2 years in 2010, Dr C Madusudana Rao from Hyderabad India came and demonstrated in the workshop.


Prof DS Sethi and Dr Madhusudhan Rao discussing after Live surgeries during the Workshop in 2011.

In 2011 renowned Surgeon Prof Dharmabir Sing Sethi from Singapore came and conducted the course. Many national and international surgeons benefited from the course conducted by Prof Sethi.  Last year in 2012 it was memorable because the pioneer of FESS, Prof Heinz Stamberger came to our department  to enlighten us with his knowledge and skills. He was accompanied by another eminent Surgeon Dr Richard Douglas from New Zeeland.


 FESS workshop with Prof Heinz Stamberger in 2012

 In 2012  the FESS course was a grand success as lot of doctors around the world participated and praised our hospitality. In 2013 Dr Satish Jain and Dr conducted a fabulous FESS workshop followed by more interesting Rhinoplasty at TUTH.

From the first day of FESS Workshops, Prof Bibhu Pradhan is working hard as a course director along with course coordinator Dr Narmaya Thapa and course secretary Dr Kunjan Acharya to conduct the course smoothly.